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Visual Studio 2013 Build Fails Without Error List Errors

Visual Studio 2013 Build Fails –┬áVisual Studio 2013 is an awesome IDE. I am having so much fun working with it and writing software with it. I try to learn as much as possible about each new IDE version, but it is a challenging task. Last night I added a Windows Forms Project to my solution. As a regular habit, I built the solution. The build for all 8 projects inside my solution failed. What was even more frustrating was that there were no errors displayed in the Error List. The solution was rather simple.

Visual Studio 2013 Build Fails

Let me step back a bit. When I initially created the project, I did so in Visual Studio 2013. Before backing up my code to the source code repository, I always check that the solution builds. The next day, I just clicked on the .sln file. This caused the solution to open in Visual Studio 2012. I thought nothing of this and restarted the solution in Visual Studio 2013. I did however notice that two versions of the .suo files were created.

Visual Studio 2013 Build Fails

Last night when I tried building my solution and nothing would build I was really stumped as to why. Curiously enough, there were no errors displayed in the Error List. This was the strangest thing of all. I then decided to start by deleting the bin folders and it was just by pure happenstance that I decided to delete the two .suo files first.

Visual Studio 2013 Build Fails

Without deleting the bin folders, I fired up Visual Studio 2013 again and performed another build. This time all 8 projects built without a hitch. Don’t ask me why it worked, but it did. If anyone has a suggestion, please let me know in the comments below.

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