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The Daily Six Pack: May 9, 2013

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Today Simon Cooper talks about creating partial-trust appdomains and then Brian Harry discusses Visual Studio 2012.3 and reacts to a comment about VS 2012.3. Installing it should be quite smooth, so just run the installer for Visual Studio and TFS. If you have any questions, ask them on the Visual Studio Forums and if you encounter any bugs, you can log them on Microsoft Connect.

Sean Sexton shares another excellent bit of C# ambrosia (if you’re not following his blog, do so now) and the Code Inside Team shares a tip with the rest of us. After installing the Windows Phone SDK you will receive 36 Icons. The Code Inside Team tells us where to find them.

As a closing note, from time to time I write for BitRebels too. I thought it would be nice to (unashamedly) promote share one of my latest posts with the rest of you. The Daily Six Pack is primarily a Technology post, but from time to time, I like posting content that sides with the geek in me. That’s it for today folks! Be good and make it an excellent one! Here is The Daily Six Pack!


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