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The Daily Six Pack: May 30, 2013

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Tim Cook And D11 Featured

Tim Cook and D11. The mention of these words together is a great treat for Apple fans. Here it is again… Tim Cook and D11. He appeared at D10 last year to introduce himself and his vision for Apple’s future. This year, Apple’s CEO was fielding questions about Apple’s tax policy, the declining stock price and staying ahead of competition. Interestingly enough, Cook hinted at More Game-Changing Technology in the Works. Oohrah!

Next, Tsvetomir Y. Todorov talks about the Just-In-Time compiler. JIT forms part of the Common Language Runtime (CLR). As we know, the CLR manages the execution of .NET apps. It is also responsible for garbage collection, type safety and exception handling. Read more at the link below.

Many of you probably don’t only code during a straight 9 to 5 do you? Because let me tell you, if you only write code when you are at work, then programming is just a job. Do it after hours, peek in under the hood and tinker, explore, try new stuff….. now that’s what I call a passion. Some of you might even be selling some of that code which was so passionately crafted. Ron Beyer shows us some nice code on Code Project of how to implement a licensing system that will protect your intellectual property.

That’s it for today folks. Have a great day today! Here is The Daily Six Pack!

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Today’s xkcd comic is probably the closest any geek (aka Tetris Fanatic) will come to living in hell on earth. This just doesn’t look right man!

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