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The Daily Six Pack: March 2, 2013

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Sometimes I enjoy reading old posts on the web, so I sniffle around in the archives of some of my favorite blogs. Jeff Atwood is one of my favorites, and here he talks about COBOL. Chances are, each time you interact with your financial institution (be it online or at a teller), somewhere in the background, a COBOL program is doing something.

Getting back to my post from yesterday of why I fall in love with code each day, here is a link of 10 best sites to learn how to do just that. As always, Pinal Dave gives us some SQL Join nuggets and then if you’ve not tried your hand at Objective-C, check out the link to the Objective-C primer. I have to admit, it isn’t easy, but hopefully this article can help someone out with Objective-C.

So go grab a cuppa coffee, sit back and enjoy The Daily Six Pack.

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