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The Daily Six Pack: June 3, 2013

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Evolving Technology Featured

Evolving Technology is all around us. I can still remember buying my first PC. It was a 286 with a 20 MB hard drive including a floppy drive and a stiffy drive. What made it even more insane was the fact that it had a VGA card. I was the first of my friends to own a colour screen.

Today, it seems that technology evolves and as it does it is evolving the human race. That evolution to the upright homosapien hasn’t stopped there. It continues in everything we do. Thinking back to my 286 computer all those years ago reminds me of how fast technology is evolving. My first flash drive was a 256 MB drive which was an insane price but the space was insane too.

I now sit with a 16 GB flash drive just as a spare to transfer files between the three computers I have at home. (No, I haven’t gotten round to setting up a network yet…. I know, I know). Nevertheless, apart from my networkless environment (I do use WiFi at my home) keeping up with the changing needs of customers and consumers is a challenge. This is all due to Evolving Technology. I can never have enough Hard Drive space.

Next up, Senthil Kumar shares some great code with us on how to capitilize the first character of every word of a string. There are many reasons a developer would need to do this, so have a look at his post at the link below.

Lastly, Peter Vogel talks about a for each extension for LINQ. That’s it for today folks. Monday is hardly my favourite day of the week (and if it is yours, we need to have a talk), so let’s make it an excellent start to the new week. Have a great day today! Here is The Daily Six Pack!

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Today’s xkcd comic is another absolute winner!

YouTube Parties
YouTube Parties
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