MKG Marketing Inc Interview – Discussing Content Promotion

MKG Marketing Inc Interview - The folks at MKG Marketing Inc interviewed me a few days ago. We discussed content promotion and the various ways I try to promote articles posted on this blog. To listen to or read the interview, head on over to their site and check it out 'How

Ten Minutes With…Kunal Chowdhury

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Speaking to different people over the past couple of weeks, I have noticed a golden thread running through the lives of each of these individuals. That golden thread is a passion for what they do. If you have been following along the past couple of Friday's, you will know that I

Ten Minutes With… Beth Massi

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Any developer involved in LightSwitch will know her name. Programming since the age of 8, Beth Massi and her blog is an excellent resource for anyone wanting to get involved with this awesome technology. Below she answers a few questions about herself, LightSwitch and Microsoft. Bio I'm a Senior Program Manager on