The Daily Six Pack: August 14, 2015

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A COLLECTION OF LINKS FOR LOVERS OF I.T. Dirk Strauss . . . . Feature link: Voice Behind Siri The women (and man) behind the voice of Apple's Siri Other Fixing Coding Mistakes On The Fly in Visual Studio 2015, Channel 9 Microsoft announces REST APIs for #Outlook and #Office 365, Kunal Chowdhury Comparing Strings Without Worrying About Case, Peter Vogel Microsoft Edge Keyboard

Office 2016 Public Preview Is Now Available

Office 2016 Public Preview - Today Microsoft is expanding the Office 2016 Preview. This means it is available to Office users everywhere in preparation for general availability in the Fall of 2015.  8608

Outlook Email Stuck In Outbox With Date Of None – Resolved

Outlook Email Stuck - I came across a very strange problem. I sent an email and it seemed to get stuck in my Outbox. I am using Microsoft Outlook 2010 and I was having some connectivity problems. It seems that when I sent the email, my line dropped. Somehow this